You deserve the love you deeply desire!

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Orit Krug - Dance Movement Therapist for Trauma Release

Your relationships are the gateway to ultimate (self) love.

Your relationship triggers provide a pathway to heal from unresolved trauma and experience deeply fulfilling love. Whether you’re monogamous or ethically non-monogamous, I can help you experience the love you truly desire.

Hi! I’m Orit.

I call myself a Trauma and Relationship Expert because I’ve helped thousands heal from past wounds and improve their relationships. But to be honest with you – I’m still making mistakes in my own relationships. I’ve had 10+ years of therapy, coaching, and plant medicine journeys – yet, I’m still learning.

I’ve grown so much since the days I used to sabotage my relationships with uncontrollable jealousy and fear. A decade ago, I could barely stand the idea of my husband texting another woman. Now, we’re in a loving & stable polyamorous marriage. Healing does and can happen! I am living proof and it is my mission to share it with the world as best as I can.

This has been far more than a personal transformation. This is my calling:

  • Award-winning Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT)
  • Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT)
  • Master of Science (MS) in Dance/Movement Therapy
  • 14+ years experience working with over 5,000 people in 14+ countries
Orit Krug

Your body is capable of holding deep, satisfying love.

Our clients struggled for decades to heal old trauma and break unhealthy patterns. Through my science-backed, movement-based approach, they now experience incredible levels of emotional and sexual intimacy with partners.


Nancy was constantly stuck in her head despite being a therapist for 15 years. Through our somatic work, Nancy finally found a confident & loving connection with her body to work through PTSD, and finally freed herself from unhealthy relationship patterns.


Justin & Julianne were about to get divorced after years of couples therapy, coaching, and conflict resolution techniques. Through our somatic work, they finally broke through their unhealthy cycles and ignited a deeper, lasting love for each other.


Kim spent decades trying to feel comfortable in her body, but constantly felt anxious and small. On retreat, Kim became confident & empowered to move her body freely and take up space. She now feels at home in her body and commands presence wherever she goes.

“I knew there was past trauma keeping me stuck and shut down with sexual intimacy and self-esteem. I felt physically disconnected and frozen even within a loving, supportive relationship with my husband. My husband now says he likes that I know what I want and that I can now say what I want, and I don’t need to talk for 2-3 hours before getting to a place where we can be sexually close. He now feels that we’ve become the best versions of ourselves in every sense as we grow together.” – Jasmine

“My husband and I are closer than ever before. We’re more present with each other and interdependent rather than codependent. I feel free to express myself to others without needing to prove myself. I used to feel so much disgust about myself and my body and now I love and accept the full, authentic version of me!” – Kristin

“I spent years doing energy healings and meditations to work on letting my husband’s love in. I now realize that I was only able to let in the love from my him and the kids through my mind. After experiencing miraculous shifts connecting to my body, I now have a deep acceptance for myself and my family. Vibrant positive energy circulates in our relationship and I’ve never felt more love before!” – Julia