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Unique, effective, science-backed and movement-based courses to help you heal from the past and experience healthy, lasting relationships.

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Unique learning experiences that combine neuroscience-backed education with gentle movement experiences. This is a great place to begin integrating your knowledge and self-awareness with real change. Research shows that cognitive learning is not enough – embodied experiences are necessary to spark the beginning of true transformation.

You Are Worthy of Love: Healing From Trauma

Named a “game-changer”, the science-backed information and movement-based exercises in this course provides an unparalleled experience to begin integrating all those years of therapy with true, embodied change.

Investment: Free to $60 USD.

Heal Anxious Attachment: Embody Security, Confidence & Self-Love

Called “The best course on Insight Timer,” the somatic exercises in this course provide an embodied experience that “taps into the essential….cutting directly to what years of therapy skipped over.”

Investment: Free to $60 USD.

Ethical Non-Monogamy, Polyamory & Open Relationships: A Healthy Approach

Embark on your ENM journey with an approach that turns common challenges into incredibly rewarding self-growth and relationships.

Investment: Free to $60 USD.

“My whole life has changed, especially my relationships and my self-worth. My old survival mechanism and wiring was to adapt and submit to others while I abandoned my own needs. I am now taking my life into my own hands and getting the LOVE I deserve.”  – Femke

“I now feel at home and comfortable in my body. I notice when I am triggered and I’m able to take a step back, breathe and take control of my actions. I’m amazed at how strong my boundaries are with my partner and I speak up for myself in a calm and thoughtful way without second guessing or doubting myself. This changed my life!” – Sarah